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Meet The Team

Nic Parks                     
I started The Pinball Company in 2006 with a simple website and a dream. Today, it has surpassed all my expectations. I'm proud to introduce you to my team.

Brooke Parks        
My wife joined the company in 2007. She keeps everything running smoothly and is the primary reason why we have such happy customers. Our vendors love her too!

Jo Koelz

Jo supports us in the office. She plays a vital role when things get hectic. She is also Brooke's mom and a proud grandma to our son Beckett.

Mark Montgomery  
I do not know what I would do without Mark. There is not a job he can't do. Hard to run a business without a guy like Mark around.

Dan Goett                   
Lead Pinball Technician
We were so lucky that Dan joined us in 2013. His expertise and attention to detail make our refurbished pinball machines the best in the business!

Nathan Goett        
Pinball Technician
Nathan is a talented young technician. A hard worker like his dad, he fits right in at The Pinball Company.

Meredith Hoenes
GameRoom Magazine Editor
Meredith joined The Pinball Company team in 2015 and works on GameRoom Magazine; a quarterly publication highlighting the people, places, and things in the gameroom world.