Pinball 101 Videos

Pinball 101 #1 - How To Remove Pinball Playfield Glass

In this video, Brooke addresses our most common pinball question. “How do I get the glass off my pinball machine?”

Pinball 101 #2 - How To Lift Pinball Playfield

After you remove the playfield glass, you can easily lift the playfield to service the machine. In this video, Brooke shows you how.

Pinball 101 #3 - How To Remove a Pinball Backglass

The circuit boards for the pinball machine are located behind the backglass. In order to check for loose connections, blown fuses, or to replace the batteries that save the machine’s setting, you will need to remove it. In this video, Brooke shows you how.

Pinball 101 #4 - How To Change Stern Pinball Machine To Free Play

When you open new Stern pinball machine, it is set to take coins. If you want to switch it to Free Play, follow the instructions on this video.

Pinball 101 #5 - How To Adjust Slingshot Switches

It is common for slingshots to need adjustment. Sometimes they fire on their own or not at all. The two metal leaf switches are easy to adjust.

Pinball 101 #6 - How To Run A Solenoid Test on WPC machines

If you suspect a solenoid is not functioning, this video with show you how to test them.

Pinball 101 #7 - How To Turn Turn Off Replay Knocker Noise (Stern)

We frequently get emailed or called about a strange noise from a Stern pinball machine. We immediately know what it is and the noise is completely normal (or intended to be normal). Stern machines do not use a mechanical knocker that hits the side of the cabinet. Instead it is a loud “squelch” that indicates you have won a free game. Follow the instructions in this video to set the volume to low or turn the sound off.

Pinball 101 #8 - How To Change a Williams System 11 Pinball Machine to Free Play

This video shows how to access the audits and adjustments menu on a Williams System 11 pinball machine. You can change many of the settings there including setting the machine to Free Play.

Pinball 101 #9 - Troubleshooting Williams/Bally Ball Through Issues

This video shows how a ball trough switch works.

Pinball 101 #10 - Changing Settings on WPC machines (Free Play, etc.)

In this video, I show you how to change an few settings on Williams/Bally machines (1989 to 1998), including Minimum Volume Override, Free Play, and Resetting High Scores.

Pinball 101 #11 - How an End of Stroke Switch (EOS Switch) Works on a Pinball Machine

This video shows how an end of switch works to regulate high and low voltage to a flipper coil.

Pinball 101 #12 - How to run a switch test on a WPC Pinball Machine

This video shows you how to run a switch test to see if a switch is working or not on a WPC89 or WPC95 era pinball machine.

Pinball 101 #13 - How to remove Stern lockdown bar with latches

In this video, we show you how to remove the lockdown bar on newer Stern machines with latches.