Pinball Refurbishing Process

We take pride in having the highest standards with regard to the condition of the used pinball machines we sell. There are many definitions for “refurbished” and many times competitors will use the word “restored” to describe their process.

Here is a detailed list of work that is done in our typical refurbishing process. The items in red are things we do that you will not likely see with competitor’s processes.

  • Replace bad circuit boards and rebuild bad connectors as necessary
  • Replace backbox bulbs and clean backboard
  • Clean translite and translite glass
  • Replace translite trim as necessary
  • Install new flipper buttons
  • Repaint or replace coin door as necessary
  • Install new legs
  • Vacuum inside of cabinet
  • Touch up cabinet art as necessary
  • Clean lamp boards and replace bulbs
  • Reflow lamp board connections
  • Rebuild flippers
  • Replace or reweld broken scoops
  • Do full playfield teardown
  • Clean and wax entire playfield
  • Install all new bulbs
  • Replace star posts as necessary
  • Replace all playfield rubber
  • Clean plastics, ramps, etc. and reassemble
  • Install new balls
  • Do thorough playtesting and make necessary adjustments
  • Install brand new playfield glass
  • Do final playtest

Remember that The Pinball Company has a 1 year parts warranty, lifetime phone support, and we cover a service call if necessary in the first 30 days you are enjoying your machine!